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Team 8 sign Cezanne


In an attempt to improve their position in the impending shift towards StarCraft 2, Korean Brood War team “Team 8” signs reknowned Kim “Cezanne” Jung Hwan as a coach.

A former StarCraft 2 team leader for the late Old Generations, which has proven itself a haven for skilled great talents such as SuperNoVa, MC, HerO, and Zenio, the 29-year old was teamless since his old team disbanded this May.

As an accomplished GSL Code A player himself, Cezanne will help Team 8 compete in the new, hybrid StarCraft Pro League, in which they are currently placed fifth with a score of 2-2, winning only against Air Force ACE and KT Rolster, showing subpar StarCraft 2 results.

Links: esports.dailygame.co.kr, TL thread

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