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Elfi leaves Acer, gets a new sponsor in ASUS ROG


The Finnish protoss Samuli "Elfi" Sihvonen and his former team Acer have decided to prematurely terminate the contract between them. Nevertheless, Elfi will keep his status of a full-time SC2 progamer as he gets the personal sponsorship of ASUS ROG, SteelSeries and SETT.fi.

Elfi's contract was to expire in September 2012 and the protoss had stated that he will not remain in the team under the current conditions. Additionally, due to contract negotiations, Acer would not send him to DreamHack Summer, Valencia and Bucharest since the closing event DreamHack Winter (22-25 November) would be held after the contract had come to an end.

As a result, both Elfi and Team Acer decided to prematurely put an end to Samuli's contract, allowing the Finnish to attend the aforementioned events. As he's gotten the support of ASUS Republic of Gamers as a main personal sponsor, Samuli will henceforth play under the ROGǂelfi tag.

- "This surely will have a huge boost to my motivation," said Elfi. "It affects my gaming by giving a chance to show that you are counted on, and it’s always nice to be the star in your team (well, in this case there is no one else in the team but anyways ). Likewise, during my WarCraft 3 times I got the most motivation when I was the star of my team Hoorai, so at least I appreciate the feeling it brings. Coming back to the current situation, I believe that this is an excellent opportunity for me to develop. Even though the demands of the sponsors are now dedicated directly to me instead of an organization, it makes setting and following your goals much easier."

Source: Team Liquid

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