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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

Welcome to our SK Planet Proleague coverage hub


KeSPA pros playing StarCraft 2 has been a hot topic since the first rumors surfaced many months back. Now, the hybrid SK Planet Proleague is a fact and deep into its second week and we cannot sit idle and not cover everything about this one of a kind tournament.

As with every coverage hub of ours, you will be able to easily access VODs of every match - both Brood War and StarCraft 2 - check out the schedule for the next week, browse through results and standings, catch up to the top news from the league and enjoy our SPL write-ups (which will start pouring really soon).

What is unique about the SPL hub is the so-called Transition Tracker. Everybody knows how good Jaedong and Flash are in Brood War but what about SC2? How does a team like Airforce ACE measure to the giants such as KT Rolster and SK Telecom T1 in this new game? The "Transition Tracker" tables provide statistics about the SC2 matches of players and teams alike so that it's easy to follow which rosters are the best in Wings of Liberty, who are to go-to SC2 aces and what their results are.

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