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Season 7 lock incoming!

The ladder season is coming to a lock at the start of June. Season 8 scheduled to start a week later

As per every lock, once it hits your bonus pool stops growing and you can no longer be promoted or demoted out of your current league or division. This doesn't mean you should stop playing - you can still compete for better ranking within your division. The lock will happen on Wednesday, June 6, 03:30 CEST.

The hidden ratings used to determine promotions and demotions will continue to update during the lock. These ratings pass on to season 8 and will help decide your initial league placement and further career. This all means that your games during the lock period still count and there is no reason to stop playing.

The week of June 11 (Monday) will mark the start of Season 8. Season milestone rewards will be awarded at this time, and bonus pools will reset. If you've completed placement matches in any game type, you will only need to play one additional placement match to start your season 8 career.

Source: Battle.net

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