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Who will become the next Gosu?

The two qualifiers (with $500 each on the line) for the It's Gosu May Invitational featuring $2200 as prize money, provided by S2 Games and the HoN community, have been wrapped up and we now know the eight participants.

It's Gosu May Open #1 Brackets

It's Gosu May Open #1 provided a huge upset as Frenetic Array was knocked out of the competition in the quarter-finals by Team 15, who are led by 'Bassets'. They didn't stop there, though, as they managed to come on top of Team sGty before failing to grab the main prize with their run as they were defeated by Trademark eSports. On the other side of the bracket, Peterpandam's AYYYY Man fought their way through Honportal.org to secure a spot in the main event.

It's Gosu May Open #1 Results:
1. UnitedStates Trademark eSports - $350
2. Europe Team 15 - $150

It's Gosu May Open #2 Brackets

Frenetic Array bounced back from the loss in the first qualifier and played with confidence till the semi-finals to secure their invitational spot, where they were then stopped by eventual winners Team It's Gosu, who defeated FnaticRaidCall in the title match. The superstars didn't participate in the first event, but qualified comfortably through this one. The other team to reach the semi-final stage was Blackfade.org, which meant that teams such as Orange eSports, Vitriolic Gaming, Honportal.org and Team deCerto will not participate in the main event.

It's Gosu May Open #2 Results:
1. Europe Team It's Gosu - $350
2. Europe FnaticRaidCall - $150

VODs of these two events are available at Honcast.com.

It's Gosu May Invitational
Participating Teams
via Qualifier #1via Qualifier #2
UnitedStates Trademark eSportsEurope Team It's Gosu
Europe Team 15Europe FnaticRaidCall
Europe Team sGtyAustralia Frenetic Array
Europe Ayyy ManEurope Blackfade

It's Gosu May Invitational Information

Tournament Start: Friday, June 1st @ 3:00PM EST / 21:00 CET
Finals: Sunday, June 3rd @ 1:00PM EST / 19:00 CET

1st place: $1600 USD
2nd place: $600 USD

Stream Coverage:
It's Gosu Stream with commentary by Sneakeee and Zyori
Honcast stream with commentary by BreakyCPK

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