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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

All SK Planet Proleague VODs available at Play.GosuGamers.net


Over thirty videos of KeSPA pros playing StarCraft 2 are available in our database. Go ahead and check how Jaedong plays the Stephano style to win an ace match against Motive or how Flash gets his first televised SC2 game!

We will be updating the video section constantly with more SK Planet VODs so all of us can closely follow every second of the big transition of KeSPA pro-players over to StarCraft 2. Furthermore, expect our coverage hub to launch by the end of the week, where we'll collect news, VODs, editorial write-ups, list results and schedule and follow the Brood War bonjwas' career by the so called "transition tracker".

Don't miss out!

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