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Nerchio, Grubby, Kas in RaidCall Invitational #3

The 3-day invitational bring together 16 Europe and Korea for $1,200 in prizes.

RaidCall SC2 Invitational #3 will not have a standard broadcasting schedule where matches from the next round are not cast before the previous completes. Instead, the first two days will be a combination of Ro16 and Ro8 series and the winners of the Ro16 matches will immediately proceed to face each other.

RaidCall Invitational #3
Round of 16 (May 30-31)
May 30th
Poland NerchioVSGreece Mista
Russia SlivkoVSUkraine Kas
Switzerland BigsVSFinland Satiini
Netherlands GrubbyVSDenmark BabyKnight
May 31st
Poland ManaVSKorea Phoenix
Korea RealVSPoland DieStar
Norway SnuteVSRussia BratOK
Russia TitanVSGermany DBS

The semi-finals finals are scheduled for June 1st, starting at 18:00 CET. Winner brings home $700.

Source: Fnatic.com

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