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Jaedong: 'There is no guarantee that SC1 skills transfer to SC2'


Daily E-Sports interviewed the Tyrant Jae Dong "Jaedong" Lee after his team's victory over KT Rolster in the SK Planet Proleague. "Have faith and wait for me. I have confidence to become among the best in SC2 as well," commented Jaedong.

Although Jaedong was the key player in KeSPA's Team 8 triumph over KT Rolster by beating Motive in the ace match on Antiga Shipyard, the zerg maestro lost the TBLS* race for first televised SC2 win to Flash, who defeated Baby in the same series. On the question if this bothers him, Jaedong answers:

- "Nope. It's not like we've been losing every game, either. However it does add pressure, and I'm sure the other two have been feeling the same. At this point, there are expectations for TBLS and other A class players to produce results. I feel that way as well."

Jaedong also says that he copied Stephano's playstyle (of which he recently confessed that he is fan) in the ace match against Motive and added that he is not confident about winning every SC2 game since he has not fully grasped the underlying concepts just yet.

Despite not having the best results in SC2 so far, JD keeps his head clear and is positive that time and practice will mend it all.

- "I feel the fans must be worried, because there is no guarantee that SC1 skills transfer over to SC2. In their perspective, where they are rooting for a specific player, that must cause alot of anxiety. I just want to say, have faith and wait for me. I have confidence to become among the best in SC2 as well."

*TBLS - acronym for TaekBangLeeSsang, representing the quartet Bisu, Stork, Jaedong and Flash

Source: Daily E-Sport via Team Liquid

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