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The Association of China Esports Professional DotA League rings off in Beijing

On 23 May 2012, the grand opening of the Association of China E-sports professional DotA League (ACE DotA League) took place at Beijing Wanda Sofitel. Promising a prizepool of over $45,000, the event is expected to draw tens of millions of DotA fans across China, and will mark a milestone in the development of Esports.

Professional DotA League China
First Place200,000 RMB ($31,600)
Second Place50,000 RMB ($7,900)
Third Place30,000 RMB* ($4,700)
All Teams
30,000 RMB** ($4,700)

The ACE DotA League is the premier DotA league, boasting teams like iG, WE for a total of ten top level Chinese teams comprising the best 50 professional players across the nation. The league will become a platform for all gaming enthusiasts to enjoy rounds of exciting matches.

The league will kick off Wednesday, 28 May with a nine week regular season and 3 weeks of playoffs, with overall 50 game-days and 105 riveting matches. Moreover, in the final week of competition GTV will host a special "All-star weekend" event for the fans.

China On ACE Professional DotA League

"The ACE DotA Professional League will be the most influential event in the history of Esport, as it features top level teams busting it out in a large-scale setting.

The extensive coverage is expected to draw the attention of millions around the world, and the competition will be an excellent avenue for top players to achieve. This is expected to benefit the overall level of Esport in China, by giving increased opportunities for the clubs to refine their skills and strategies. Esports must cultivate a healthy and active image, while promoting competition in order to develop successfully as an industry."

*Two teams will tie for third.
**All teams receive 10k RMB per month for the whole competition. This adds up to 30k just for participation.

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