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Flash, Bisu, Jaedong confirmed for MLG Spring Expo Tournament


Seven of the eight KeSPA teams will be represented in an exhibition StarCraft 2 tournament during the oncoming MLG Spring Championship. The bonjwas and legends of Brood War are gathering in Anaheim in early June to play their first ever SC2 games in front of a live foreign audience.

Air Force ACE is the only team that will not be sending a member of theirs to the United States and the quota of eight is completed with a second player from SK Telecom T1. The player list for the exhibition tournament is as follows:

SK Telecom T1: Korea Taek Yong Bisu Kim
SK Telecom T1: Korea Myung Hoon Fantasy Jung
KT Rolster: Korea Young Ho Flash Lee
8th Team: Korea Jae Dong Jaedong Lee
Samsung KHAN: Korea Byung Gu Stork Song
STX Soul: Korea Yoon Hwan Calm Kim
Woongjin Stars: Korea Min Chul Neo.G_Soulkey Kim
CJ Entus: Korea Sang Moon Leta Shin

The date when we'll see those guys in action is June 9th, Saturday, during the second day of the MLG Spring Championship.

Source: MLG

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