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NightEnD talks practice, Fnatic team mates and his history with NaNiwa

NightEnD is practicing more than any other player in the Fnatic house and is very much looking forward to enter the GSTL. We also find out that his Korean team players are not asking him for strategy advice. The Romanian veteran gets asked about his history with former team mate Johan "Naniwa" Lucchesi, and here is what he said.

- "First time when I played against Naniwa was in WarCraft 3, we played some custom games. He was the same race as me, Undead vs. Undead - since then he didn't like me. I don't know why," says NightEnD.

- "When StarCraft 2 came out, I was playing for mTw, and he wanted to join mTw. And all my team was okay besides me, I said no. Then, after some days I said OK after he had asked me. He said 'I will be a good guy' and stuff like that. And like after one, maybe two weeks, something like that, he was asking mTw to kick me out - something like that. Not sure, but something like that."

"And I think he left after that because they didn't want to kick me for no reason, so that's the story. Obviously you can't like a person like that, no?"

GosuGamers has sought NaNiwa for his side of the story.

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