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Stephano to train at the EG lair for Red Bull Battlegrounds

Photo by: Team Dignitas

Millenium's zerg Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri stated in an interview for ESFI World that he plans to stay with the EG boys and prepare for Red Bull Battlegrounds. The 16-player invitational is coming to streams this weekend.

This is a busy end of May for Stephano as his time spent in the EG lair is sandwiched between two major events - MLG Spring Arena 2 and the upcoming Red Bull battlegrounds. With his third place at Spring Arena 2, Stephano already has a good momentum and he is even more optimistic about the Battlegrounds this weekend:

- "I will [be more prepared for RB Battlegounds] than Spring Arena 2 beacuse even in the last 7 days [preceding Spring Arena 2], I was not practicing. I was in Paris having a bit of fun. So I came here with 10 games in 7 days which is really nothing compared to everyone else. Now I will be going to the EG house in between this event and Red Bull, so I will have quite enough time to practice with good roommates."

Stephano takes the time to comment his travel to Korea which was hinted when the Millenium/TSL partnership was established and states that it'll be around August this year and he'll indeed be joined by team-mate BlinG.

Source: ESFI World

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