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Millenium partners with TSL

Another cooperation between a foreign and a Korean team was established yesterday between the French-based Millenium and South Korea's Team SCV Life. Shared training house and joint GSTL rosters are expected.

This is the first time either team enters a partnership of this kind and according to Millenium's manager Llewellys, a great lot of things will come out of this. Firstly, Millenium and TSL players will share a gaming house while travelling. Secondly, Millenium TV will feature a special program about the practice regimes of both teams. And last but not least, the partnership means that Millenium players will be able to participate in the GSTL under the TSL.M‡ tag while they are in Korea.

Remy “Llewellys” Chanson, Millenium Manager Wrote:
First Adel wanted to go back to Korea after his journey with Gameone and Stephano is scheduled to go back to Korea this summer, so a partnership between gaming houses was decided. But we wanted to go further with the participation of Stephano and Adel in GSTL under the tag TSL.M‡ which will allow them to participate providing they are capable and TSL reach the 2nr round of this prestigious competition.

On why TSL struck a deal with Millenium and not another foreign team, Coach Lee had this to say:

Coach Lee, TSL Manager Wrote:
TSL had talked to several teams regarding partnerships in the past. However, most teams often request sharing team names. To me, TSL is a brand name with a lot of sentimental and asset value; I did not believe in sharing a joint team name throughout the length of the partnership. I believe Millenium had the same opinion as I did. Although we are not functioning under a joint team name, I think that we will be more than capable of producing a great program, that both teams will be greatly beneficial to each other, and that we will establish an extraordinary precedent partnership.

Source: Team Liquid

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