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Violet cuts through Symbol, wins Spring Arena 2



Empire's zerg Dong Hwan "Violet" Kim will go home $10,000 richer as he conquers MLG Spring Arena 2 and wins the highest seed for the Spring Championship next month.

After disposing of Stephano without much trouble, Violet proceeded to the grand final with the huge advantage of being an upper bracket finalist on his side. He was soon fed another zerg opponent in the face of Symbol, who eliminated Staphano in the Round of 3 for good.

Dropping the first set didn't mean much to Violet as he knew that he has this and possibly a whole another Bo5 series ahead of him. Symbol continued to play on a very high level but a two-pronged attack from Violet on Antiga tied the score. The two zerg transitioned over to Metropolis for the third map and played a magnificent, forty-minute ZvZ, rich on nydus networks, roaches, infestors, doom drops and brood lords, the latter being the key to Violet's success.

In the final game, Violet opened with quick double gas and an earlier roach warren, attempting to bust Symbol's front with banes and roaches. Violet was very close to the victory at that time but thanks to better upgrades and faster reinforcements, Symbol barely held and stabilized.

Despite being down on supply, Violet was seemingly unaffected by the failed bust. He continued being constantly mobile with his roach army, denying Symbol's third twice while simultaneously taking and holding his fourth. Overall, Symbol was in possession of the better army composition but as he couldn't keep with Violet's unending attacks, he typed the GG that would make the Empire zerg champion.

MLG Spring Arena 2 standings

1. Korea Violet, $10.000
2. Korea Symbol, $6.000
3. France Stephano, $3.600
4. Korea MC, $2.200
5-6. Korea Heart, $1.400
5-6. Korea Polt, $1.400
7-8. Korea Inori, $900
7-8. Korea Dream, $900

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