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MSI-EvoGT wins GEST May after 2-0 over iZONE125



Kimuel "LeumiK" Rodis and his team mates in MSI-EvoGT has beaten iZONE125 two to zero in the grand final of the May edition of the GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament International DotA Cup.

After a very deciseful win for MSI-EvoGT in the first game thanks to the early game lane dominance, the second game proved to be a hard nut to crack for the March champions. iZONE125 took a strong early lead because of MSI-EvoGT's weak laning heroes. But with exceptional team work and disposition, the MSI sponsored team could bounce back to win the game.

- "They got ahead in the first game by better positioning and timing of their initiations with their tri-lane winning top lane. Meanwhile their two solo lanes fared well and were more successful at ganking than iZone's beastmaster who was a bit static at bottom lane," said David "GoDz" Parker in his post-game analysis. He added, "Ultimately, the mid game dominance of sandking and Queen of Pain could not be stopped with such great utility and support to back them up."

- "Game 2 was a different story as MSI suffered because of weak laning heroes having Templar Assassin, who got punished by a Batrider and the roaming Shadow Demon and Kunkka who killed the solo-going Puck," says GoDz.

GoDz on why the Filipino teams are doing so well in GEST
- "The strong and growing scene in the Philippines is really helping to nurture these teams. There are many practice partners, regular competitions (from GMPGL to smaller LAN events) to allow constant tournament and casual practice. The scene there is very developed and professional (although the players may not always be themselves). I think the Filipino players just have a great fighting spirit as well, as proven by all their dedicated and often crazy fans."
MSI-EvoGT key to success?
This marks the second playday victory for MSI-EvoGT. Also counting their third place from April means that from GEST alone the Filipino team has earned $3,300 USD in 2012.

With a team roster shrouded in mystery prior to the event, MSI's decision to bring in Rhymel "Candypop" Memel since the drop-off of Fernando "Nando" Mendoza (to Mineski) proved to be a successful one as they stand as champions and winners of the $1,500 USD prize.

- "They are a team who seems able to adapt, and always just come out on top, in a tournament where the top 5 or 6 teams all seem very even," says GoDz. He mentions that they never seem to have any poor showings and that they have their drafting and roles sorted.

- "MSI seems comfortable regardless of what their opponents force them to pick. They use a variety of unexpected heroes seeing choices such as Abaddon even making it through," commented GoDz.

Pacific clinched the third place and thus earned $300 USD. This after defeating LedionDreamz in the bronze final.

Stay tuned for the VODs as we will upload them in the coming hours.

Grand Finals 1
Philippines iZONE125 Philippines MSiEvoGT
Shadow Demon iZONE125_keLZ (Top)
Beastmaster iZONE125_Reb0rn (Bot)
Admiral Proudmoore iZONE125_poleng (Top)
Dragon Knight iZONE125_joven (Mid)
Grand Magus iZONE125_frOggy (Top)
Sand King MSIevoGTkimoTnC (Mid)
Ogre Magi MSIevoGTJyCTnC (Top)
Queen of Pain MSIevoGTdocTnC (Bot)
Crystal Maiden MSIevoGTankoTnC (Top)
Windrunner MSIevoGTDoATnC (Top)

Download iZONE125 vs. MSiEvoGT Game 1

Grand Finals 2
Philippines MSiEvoGt Philippines iZONE125
Nerubian Weaver MSIevoGTkimoTnC (Top)
Templar Assassin MSIevoGTDoATnC (Mid)
Earthshaker MSIevoGTJyCTnC (Top)
Faerie Dragon MSIevoGTdocTnC (Bot)
Ancient Apparition MSIevoGTankoTnC (Top)
Shadow Demon iZONE125_keLZ (Mid)
Batrider iZONE125_Reb0rn (Mid)
Queen of Pain iZONE125_joven (Top)
Slithereen Guard iZONE125_frOggy (Bot)
Admiral Proudmoore iZONE125_poleng (Bot)

Download iZONE125 vs. MSiEvoGT Game 2


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