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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

MLG Spring Arena LBR 1: Goody ends MMA


The first real big upset in Spring Arena 2 came in the Losers Round 1 as the SlayerS prince MMA faced elimination delivered by the hands of Goody. Idra, Bling, Oz and Killer also share MMA's fate with the beginning of day 2.

Spring Arena 2 losers bracket
Round 1
United States Idra0-2Korea Dream
United Kingdom BlinG1-2Ukraine Bly
Korea Alicia2-0Korea Oz
Korea Select0-2Poland Tefel
Korea Mook0-2Sweden Thorzain
Sweden Seiplo0-2Korea Sleep
Korea MMA0-2Germany Goody
Korea Ryung2-1Korea Killer
Round 2
Korea LosiraVSKorea Dream
Canada HuKVSUkraine Bly
Korea GanziVSKorea Alicia
Netherlands RetVSPoland Tefel
Germany SockeVSSweden Thorzain
Korea DongRaeGuVSKorea Sleep
Netherlands Grubby2-0Germany Goody
Korea RainVSKorea Ryung

With the results as they are, we are being treated a very equal distribution of players by round two as imminent are four Korean vs Korean and four foreigner vs foreigner matches.

While Bly and Bling were still playing their round 1 match, Round 2 began with a 2-0 victory for Grubby over the MMA-slayer Goody. Grubby's next opponent will be the survivor of the Ryung/Rain duel that is to be played soon and having in how TvP is a match-up neither players is particularly known for, chances are looking bright for the Dutch protoss.

Currently on the central stream is Thorzain versus Socke (Thorzain 1-0 in the lead) and stream A1 will shortly resume with Ganzi against Alicia.

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