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GEST: Mineski, Orange share GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament May group


Mineski and Orange, winners of GEST February and April, share group in this coming weekend's May edition of the GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament International DotA Cup 2012.

Last tournament champions, Orange, will once again be paired against Philippines' best. The GEST April on-lookers could witness Orange's mighty run through the upper bracket, taking down Mineski, MSiEvo-GT and iZONE to claim the first prize of $1,500 USD. Starting on Saturday at 06:00 CET, they will defend their title as the GEST champion. Their group, C, is however no walk in the park, with first edition winners Mineski, fresh from qualifiers Pacific.UST, the Indonesian team deperruku more known as Velocy, and Myanmar quintet G7.

We will also witness the GEST March winners and recent third place finalist, MSIEvo GT, go up against the likes of Malaysia's Invasion ReD, Brunei side Redspade, SkyNet of Vietnam and the Filipino team Badburn who won one of the qualifiers.

Worth noting is that Thai side MiTH.Trust has been replaced by Dreamz, the runner-ups of the PlayCyberGames Philippines DotA tournament in 2012, as well as several top placements in the Mineski Pro-Gaming Leauge in 2011 and 2012.

The games kick off, as usual, at 06:00 CET on Saturday, May 19. Group stage matches are played best of one, and top two of each group moves on to the playoff on May 20.

Broadcaster for the event is, as always, David "GoDz" Parker. Make sure to tune in to the stream.


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GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament \ May
Team PtsW L Team PtsW L
Brunei Redspade 0 0 0 Philippines iZone 125 0 0 0
Vietnam SkyNet 0 0 0 Vietnam Starsboba 0 0 0
Malaysia Invasion ReD 0 0 0 Indonesia eNcy 0 0 0
Philippines MSIEvo GT 0 0 0 Thailand Neolution 0 0 0
Philippines Badburn 0 0 0 Vietnam Fire 0 0 0
Team PtsW L Team PtsW L
Philippines Mineski 0 0 0 Indonesia Ritter-ART 0 0 0
Indonesia deperruku 0 0 0 Philippines Dreamz 0 0 0
Malaysia Orange 0 0 0 Philippines Pcfc 0 0 0
Myanmar G7 0 0 0 Thailand iDeal 0 0 0
Philippines Pacific.UST 0 0 0 Thailand Tt.How 0 0 0

Schedule, May 19-20
Round 1 06:00 - 07:30 CET
ReD Spade vs. SkyNet
Invasion ReD vs. MSIEvo GT
iZone125 vs. Starsboba
eNcy vs. Neolution
Mineski vs. deperruku
Orange vs. G7
Ritter-ART vs. Dreamz
Pacific vs. iDeal
Round 2 07:30 - 09:00 CET
Badburn vs. ReD Spade
SkyNet vs. Invasion ReD
Fire vs. iZone 125
Starsboba vs. eNcy
Pacific.UST vs. Mineski
deperruku vs. Orange
Tt.How vs. Ritter-ART
Dreamz vs. Pacific
Round 3 09:00 - 10:30 CET
MSIEvoGT vs. Badburn
ReD Spade vs. Invasion ReD
Neolution vs. Fire
iZone 125 vs. eNcy
G7 vs. Pacific.UST
Mineski vs. Orange
iDeal vs. Tt.How
Ritter-ART vs. Pacific
Round 4 10:30 - 12:00 CET
SkyNet vs. MSIEvo GT
Invasion ReD vs. Badburn
Starsboba vs. Neolution
eNcy vs. Fire
deperruku vs. G7
Orange vs. Pacific.UST
Dreamz vs. iDeal
Pacific vs. Tt.How
Round 5 12:00 - 13:30 CET
ReD Spade vs. MSIEvo GT
SkyNet vs. Badburn
iZone 125 vs. Neolution
Starsboba vs. Fire
Mineski vs. G7
deperruku vs. Pacific.UST
Ritter-ART vs. iDeal
Dreamz vs. Tt.How

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