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Vibe joins ROOT Gaming

Photo by: Colbi

Dan "ViBE" Scherlong - the American zerg player that parted ways with It's Gosu on May 7th, finds a new home at the newly reformed ROOT Gaming.

The resurrected yesterday ROOT Gaming got one player bigger today as the roster of Catz, Drewbie, Kiwikaki, Destiny, Slush and Fayth welcomes the former It's Gosu zerg ViBE.

CatZ Wrote:
Today we're extremely proud to announce Dan "ViBE" Scherlong will be joining our family!

We have known this for a little while now, Dan is a good friend of a lot of us in ROOT Gaming as well as a fantastic and an incredibly talented player.

we first set eyes on ViBE in the beta, where he came out of nowhere and showed his incredibly high apm was accompanied by a brilliant brain! unfortunately for us, when we decided to pick him up, sixjax had already contracted him and we got left without a ViBE.

ROOT Gaming roster
Peru Catz
Canada Drewbie
Canada Kiwikaki
United States Destiny
Canada Slush
Canada Fayth
United States Vibe

Source: Team Liquid

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