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Team oGs disbands

Photo by: OSEN

One of the leading Korean progaming teams Old Generations is no more. This comes as a confirmation to the rumors from five days ago that the team had lost its main sponsor and had had all players' contracts cancelled.

On May 11th, Thisisgame.com published two articles stating that eSports Holding--the now officially former oGs sponsor--had discontinued the partnership with the team, wanting to focus on League of Legends and team Xenics Storm in particular. The same source said that every player's contract and that of team coach TheWind had been cancelled but that they were planning to rebuild the team anew under a different name.

Today, May 16th, those rumors were confirmed by an article at Naver.com. When will the old oGs be reborn, with what name and with which players on it remains to be seen.

Source: TeamLiquid

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