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CONTEST: Place GosuBets on GEST May to win hardware

It's time again for another GosuBet competition! The May edition, and like so Playday 4, of the GIGABYTE E-Sports Tournament International DotA Cup 2012 will be kicking off this Saturday. As usual, we are glad to announce a full coverage hub to bring you all the latest. And, for another chance to win cool prizes, we have another GosuBet contest where you can win a GIGABYTE graphics card, a keyboard and a mouse.

We can announce another edition of the GEST GosuBet Championship, where you can win GIGABYTE graphics card, a keyboard and a mouse. The May edition of the South East Asia based tournament starts on Saturday, 06:00 CET, so make sure to place your bets to enter the competition.

The top three who has most bet wins (amount of bets won) will get awarded for their scene insights.

Place your DotA GosuBet currency, namely tangos, on the group stage and playoff matches at the GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament International DotA 2012 May edition and join the competition.

Contest prizes
2. GIGABYTE K8100 Gaming Keyboard
3. GIGABYTE M8600 Gaming Mouse

Place your bets on this weekend's matches!

04708872b598733a9b8159545637b42a70e1b413e7e447a41a3fa58b47.jpg1. GIGABYTE GV-N56GOC-1GI Product page

A solid performing video card with an exceptional GPU cooler that keeps the card as cool as needed, at a quiet level. Sports 2 DVI connectors and a mini HDMI connector as well as the standard HDMI, Displayport and D-sub via adapter.

e4396bb1521bf558fc98e500ef28bf757bb1538f07c4cad215b105f0a3.jpg2. GIGABYTE K8100 Gaming Keyboard Product page

A gaming keyboard with five macro buttons that gives you the ability to program 100 macros. LED-lit buttons, silicone key protectors and extrea set of WASD keys comes with it.

7ae3e1dc87ebb1e9c241822530524e7c0e1780c3c67887d84581776534.jpg3. GIGABYTE M8600 Gaming Mouse Product page

A wireless macro gaming mouse by GIGABYTE Aivia. A 5600dpi sensor, with software interpolation can up that to 6500dpi. Sports a 50g acceleration and 150 ips speed. Batteries with over 50 hours of life-span.

Contest rules and regulations
The competitor with the most amount of bets won will take home the first prize. This is a not a tournament where the winner that has the most tangos, but the most number of matches correctly predicted.

In the event of a tie in when it comes to the number of correct matches bet, we will look at the amount of branches won. Should it still be a tie GosuGamers will randomly choose the winners out of the tied contest participants.


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