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New English and German downloaders released

Blizzard released new downloaders for English and German after the last version was removed due to error downloading files.

There is a new version of the English and German downloaders due to the previous problem that didn't allow the users to download all the files necessary to install Diablo 3.

If you downloaded the Diablo 3 client before 10:00 AM CEST (9:00 AM GMT)on May 12 then you need to update your client. When you download the new version of the game make sure that you download it to the same folder as you did last time then you just need to download 65MB of files instead of 7.6GB.

1. Obtain the new Diablo III digital downloader using the links below
2. Point the download save at the same directory as before
3. If you chose the correct directory only around 65MB will need to be downloaded to fix your install, otherwise you'll re-download the entire ~7.6GB

Here is the links to the new downloaders:

New EU English Installer
New EU English Installer (Mac)
New German Installer
New German Installer (Mac)

Source: battle.net

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