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Mid Wars comes to Newerth

With the new 2.6.0 patch, S2 Games has released Mid Wars - a brand new game mode accompanied by it's own map, inspired by the community, in which the two teams battle it out in a single lane with modified game rules.

Since the release of Heroes of Newerth two years ago, "Mid Wars" or "All mid" has been the most popular casual custom game mode in the community as players altered the original rules of the game to ignore the top and bottom lanes and instead go for an all out war in the middle lane with all 10 heroes. Now, S2 Games paid homage to it by releasing an actual, integrated game mode of it along with it's own map.

New Map & Mode: Mid Wars

- Introducing the new risk-free way to play Heroes of Newerth -- Mid Wars! The direct result of feedback and input from the HoN community, Mid Wars takes the most exciting pieces of the HoN experience and distills them into pure unadulterated fun. Featuring its own standardized rule-set, exclusive Matchmaking system, and an all new map, Mid Wars brings you everything that you know and love about HoN and improves the formula with a casual, arcade style experience second to none. Make no mistake, we think Mid Wars is one of the best maps we have ever made and we're honored to unleash it today for all of Newerth to enjoy

- Hand-crafted Map that keeps the action centralized. Map features include:
* New art and style! Welcome to the Jungle!
* New paths created
* Bases redesigned
* Fountains moved away from the bases
* Teleporters added to quickly drop you back into the action!
* One Neutral Spawn
* One Powerup Spawn
* Kongor removed

- Custom made ruleset designed around fast paced action. New rules include:
* Base bounty for killing a hero increased from 200 to 400 gold
* Bounty per level and bounty per streak increased from 5 to 10 gold and 50 to 100 gold respectively
* Respawn time lowered from 4 seconds per level to 600 milliseconds per level
* Gold loss on death removed
* Fountain regeneration increased from 4% to 10% of your max health a second
* Lingering fountain regeneration removed
* Experience table changed so leveling happens faster
* Experience range increased from 1000 to 1300
* Grave Locket and Sacrificial Stone do not reduce your death time on this map
* Creeps will upgrade themselves every 3 minutes instead of every 7
* Siege creeps will spawn every 3 waves instead of every 5
* Both teams start with a Flying Courier
* Duplicate Heroes disabled
* Buybacks disabled

- New picking mode to match the quick action ingame. How the mode works:
* 10 seconds of wait time when the game starts
* 20 seconds for 3 Blind Bans per team
* Blind Ban: Blue and Pink players pick 3 heroes that they want to ban. These bans are hidden from the enemy team until the time is up or all bans are used, whichever comes first. Then all bans are revealed. Both teams can ban the same heroes and 'stack' bans. Choose Wisely!
* 10 seconds of wait time before Picks
* 40 seconds of normal All-Pick

- Main Base structures rescaled and redesigned for the Mode
* Regen increased from 3 to 105. Regen is disabled for 10 seconds when damage is taken
* Health lowered from 4250 to 3500

- Zorgath and his creation Transmutanstein return to the map
* Both have had their stats and damage increased significantly. They should pose much more of a challenge now!
* Both now have correct sounds when they attack or die
* Zorgath now drops a new Tablet: The Tablet of Power
* Tablet of Power grants the powers of all 5 other Tablets combined!
* You get 2 Illusions, then all 3 get Double Damage, Haste, Regeneration, and Invisibility.
* Tablet of Power can be bottled
* Transmutanstein now drops two redesigned Tokens of Sight
* Only the team that kills Transmutanstein can see the Tokens of Sight
* When used, grants you a buff that gives 900 radius Clearvision and Truevision
* Clearvision lets you see over trees and cliffs
* Truevision lets you see invisible units such as wards or heroes like Night Hound

- Mid Wars added to Matchmaking
* Can only play Normal mode with Blind Ban in Matchmaking
* Victory will be rewarded with 8 Silver Coins. Defeat gets 6 Silver Coins.
* Bonuses such as Wards Placed, Total Assists, Social Bonus, or Consecutive Bonus are not enabled for Mid Wars
* Stats are not recorded for this mode other than the "Games Played" and "Leaves"
* Mid Wars Match Awards have been added!
* Hosting a Public Game of Mid Wars has a number of options automatically disabled to preserve the hand crafted Mid Wars experience

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