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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

VIDEO: Mvp, Squirtle and Tastosis interviews after Code S semi finals

Player's Cut have conducted a series of interviews after the GSL Code S semi final matches played on May 10th. Mvp, Squirtle and Tastosis talk about the games and the upcoming grand final on May 19th.

- "Parting kept saying that if we meet in the semi-finals, he will advance further. Since then, I knew I would be the finalist," says Mvp. "Overconfidence leads to self-distruction."

"[The grand final] stadium is a place where I've won a final before, so I have confidence that I'll be the winner again."

"I was always good in the GSTL but lost in the GSL so I had some phobia of it," comments StarTale's protoss and Code S finalist. "My confidence that I'll be finalist shrank to nothing. I think my dream has finally come true."

And finally, here is the video with Nick and Dan, who respectively pick Mvp and Squirtle as the champion to be:

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