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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

IPL's Team League with format changes

IPL Team Arena Challenge will be no more once its third season comes to an end. The next tournament will be called IPL Pro Team League and will feature three divisions in interaction with each other.

The premier division consists of the eight highest ranking teams in the tournament. They will be divided into two groups and will go through several rounds to determine the top six teams. Those will advance to the playoff while the lowest two will engage in up-and-down matches with the two best teams from the lower division.

The latter is called Challenger division and has the next best eight teams. They will compete in a single elimination bracket with the top two receiving cash prizes and advancing to the aforementioned up-and-down matches against the two worst premier teams.

The bottom four from the challenger division will enter up-and-down matches with the best four in the Amateur Division - an open bracket with all other teams that have signed up.

IGN's Alex said:

"We designed this new system in order to make our tournament systems clearer to both the teams involved as well as ours spectators. We think this will be a lot easier to follow and understand and gives more of a story to the teams involved as they progress up or down the divisions. In addition, we felt that a lot of the up-and-coming teams who qualify for TAC don't get the love they deserve because often they are eliminated early because of a lack of depth of roster. By providing more divisions, we hope to shift some of the spotlight on them and give them a feeling of accomplishment by winning or placing high in the Challenger Division."

Dates or prizes are not yet announced.

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