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Thorzain joins Evil Geniuses


Ex-Mousesports player Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf joins the roster of Team EG. Fresh from his Dreamhack Stockholm victory, Thorzain will be reinforcing EG's terran line-up of Puma and DeMuslim.

Thorzain rose to fame with his TSL 3 victory over Naniwa and continued to build upon his list of achievements: bronze at Battle.net EU Invitational, top four at IPL 2, second at DH Valencia, top four in NASL 2 and finally the trophy of Dreamhack EIZO Open Stockholm last month.

"As I'll be leaving one great organization, I'll be joining another one. As you already might have guessed, I will be leaving Mousesports in order to pursue an even more serious career of pro gaming in the ever so flourishing team of Evil Geniuses," said Thorzain.

Although there is no "announcement of an announcement" this time, EG have once again taken their time to welcome Thorzain in style:

Evil Geniuses roster

United States Idra
United States Machine
United States LzGamer
United States InControl
Korea JYP
Canada HuK
Korea Puma
Sweden Thorzain
United Kingdom DeMuslim

Source: Evilgeniuses.net

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