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Yumiko, Believe take top two in AWC Round of 24 Group A

46c1ab497ce93e74439893620e776dd88a469db8298a0a6cebb45c1946.jpgYumiko (right) and Believe proved their seeding into Group A of the MainBlock A1 Warcraft III World Championship was rightfully earned, as they went through their opposition with ease.

The Chinese Human player defeated fellow Human BaN of Korea on Echo Isles to reach the winners final. The other side saw the Undead star Believe take out countryman Sense (Orc) to reach the winners final as well.

Yumiko's strength on Amazonia proved too strong for Believe, who instead had to go through the loser bracket to ultimately claim the second spot in the group after a victory over BaN.

BaN, coming in third, will have to wait his turn for advancement as the rest of the groups' placings have been determined. He and the three other second runner-ups will go at it in a repechage round.

Group B of the tournament, with Lucifer, eMaL, ReprisaL and Solaris in the pool, will pick off the championship on May 10.

AWC Ro24 Group A
# Player vs Player map
1 Yumiko > BaN @ Echo Isles
2 Believe > Sense @ Turtle Rock
3 Yumiko > Believe @ Amazonia
4 BaN > Sense @ Echo Isles
5 Believe > BaN @ Amazonia

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