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Grown on NASL soil: NASL 3 W4D2 recap


Scrimmage report

Hero 2-0 Sjow
Game 1 on Dual Sight /// Game 2 on Antiga Shipyard

After Sjow's one base marine/tank/banshee push was owned by Hero's five gates, the two proceeded to play a proper game on Antiga Shipyard. There, Sjow understood what everybody means by "Hero does not die" and every bio aggression the Swede initiated was repelled with storms, archons and chargelots. Watching Sjow commit to attacks doomed before they started gave birth to the suspicion that Hero's plan all along was to pretend to be vulnerable, bait the terran into an attack and throw a storm in his face.

Demuslim 2-1 Ryung
Game 1 on Dual Sight /// Game 2 on Ohana /// Game 3 on Daybreak

"Onebaseterranville", population two. DeMuslim drops the first game to a marine/hellio/banshee push but retorts on Ohana by dropping and cleaning Ryung's main while the Korean is engaged in yet another 1-base play. For good or worse, the short exchanges of expansionless brutalities were brought to an end on Daybreak, where DeMuslim played the marine/tank mirror perfectly, outpositioning Ryung and winning every trade to sweep a third division victory in a row.

CrazyMoving 2-0 Nony
Game 1 on Dual Sight /// Game 2 on Antiga Shipyard

Nony took a heavy beating in both games, starting on Dual Sight where a heavy on speedlings opening by Crazymoving punished his gateway expand, breached his front wall and killed more pylons and tech than it is legal in most states. On Antiga Shipyard Nony played a decent game up to the point where he lost his third to roaches and a mutalisk/speedling follow up made him run around headless until he crashed into a spine crawler wall.

Dimaga 2-0 DarkForce
Game 1 on Dual Sight /// Game 2 on Daybreak

Few to none compelling details can be written about those two games. Both players went for pool openings into heavy roach play and although Dual Sight witnessed a lot of back and forth action, Daybreak was a simple and common scenario of a zerg losing his third and dying shortly thereafter.

Grown on NASL soil

How good is DeMuslim?

If we examine all leagues but NASL, the answer to this query will probably be in a very reserved tone. MLG Winter Arena is the only tournament that can stand in DeMuslim's defense although in a perfect world beating a slumping NesTea and two mid-tier Europeans would not be considered too big a feat.

NASL, however, is an entirely different planet. Here, DeMuslim is another person, and whether by the power of one match per week or some other mischievous sorcery, he is top eight in the tournament thus far with just two points behind HerO. A quick look back says that same was true for NASL 2 as well, even though the Korean army was much smaller then. Seeing this season's Division 2 line-up with Ryung and Crazymoving joining Hero, DeMuslim didn't exactly stand out as solid top two material, especially with his NASL 2 run being burried under sands of time. Funny how people tend to forget that devils have horns, and lethal ones too.

Those with faces painted in funny colors by the powers of envy and hate will argue that Sjow and Haypro are nothing if not beatable. Ryung, however, is a SlayerS-bred terran with 60%+ TvT win rate in Korea and 73%+ in international tournaments. Seeing him heavily outplayed on both Ohana and Daybreak is a testimony that anything can be expected from the Brit while on NASL ground and Crazymoving has but a few days to adequately prepare.

Division overview and standings

Division 2 after week four
Korea Hero
United Kingdom Demuslim3-0+5
Germany HasuObs3-1+1
Korea Ryung2-2+1
Ukraine Dimaga2-2+1
Korea Crazymoving1-2-2
United States Nony1-2-2
Sweden Sjow1-3-4
Germany Darkforce0-3-7

Comfort is what Hero and Demuslim are feeling after week four, leading the division with a whole lap before the trio of third places, not to mention that DeMuslim is a match short compared to HasuObs. Few things will change for the leaders after week five: Dimaga is not playing and Ryung is meeting Hasu, meaning that only one will get closer to the top two.

In the lower part, Crazymoving and Nony are the only ones with a real possibility, although "real" might be somewhat of a stretch. The protoss still has to face both Hero and Demuslim and Crazymoving has EG's terran and Dimaga ahead of him.

Barely clairvoyant: Week 5 on May 10th

Division 2 Week 5 matches
Korea CrazymovingVSUnited Kingdom Demuslim
Germany HasuObsVSKorea Ryung
Germany DarkForceVSSweden Sjow
United States NonyVSUnited States Hero

Week 5 is Demuslim's biggest opportunity to cement his top two spot before he is to challenge Hero for the leadership in week 7. DeMuslim stated on stream that he's most comfortable in TvZs and was confident despite agreeing that Crazymoving was among the most underrated zergs on the scene.

In the other match with at least some meaning, HasuObs is fighting Ryung for the third place. The Korean is not exactly known for his TvP while the opposite is true for Hasu so in all logic there should be foreign victory on May 10th.

Not that logic applies any effect to StarCraft 2 results...

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