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Oz transfers to Fnatic

Photo by: Fnatic.com

Hak Soo "Oz" Kim, formerly of FXOpen, dons the black and orange of Fnatic as he signs with the team home to Alive, Moon, ToD, Rain and NightEnd. Oz's desire to participate in more foreign events is pointed as the reason for the amicable departure.

Despite lacking a major gold, Oz is considered a top-tier protoss, having placed fourth at MLG Winter Arena and Code S November and top eight in 2012 Code S Season 2. Kim joins Fnatic's roster and strengthens it up at just the perfect time as his new team is to compete in the second season of GSTL 2012.

- "It's been a pleasure getting to know Hak Soo over the last year", said FXOBosS.
"Unfortunately, our vision for the future did not line up and foreign events became more of a priority for him. We look forward to him becoming the best player he can possibly be and will always be supportive of his endeavors."

In an interview for Fnatic, Oz said:

- "Unfortunately I have not been able to lift up a trophy of any major tournaments yet. I am going to start fresh in Team Fnatic and build up my career with multiple championships under my belt. The GSTL will commence soon and since it's the first time that Fnatic is participating in the GSTL, I would like to exhibit a strong impression. Although it may seem that we have a very thin layer of players compared to other teams, We will show the underlying true strength of our team."

Source: Fnatic.com

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