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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

MMA takes the Iron Squid trophy over Symbol

Photo by: Cameron Carson

In front of the live audience of Paris, Sung Won "MMA" Moon came out to punish Symbol 4-2, ending the zerg's astounding run through the tournament and taking his second gold for 2012 after IEM Kiev.

TSL's zerg wrote an underdog story for the ages, defeating Idra, Thorzain, MarineKing and NesTea on his way to the grand finala. A third Korean legend in a row was, however, too much for Symbol and despite playing on par with the terran in most sets, he ultimately fell in the sixth game, giving MMA the victory.

Third in the Iron Squid tournament finished IM's NesTea, who came back from being down 1-2 to win the series 3-2, displaying incredible fortitude, staying alive through a massive supply disadvantage to ultimately slice Alive apart with ultralisks in the fifth game.

Iron Squid standings
1. Korea MMA, $12.500
2. Korea Symbol, $6.250
3. Korea NesTea, $3.750
4. Korea Alive, $2.500
5-8. Korea MarineKing
5-8. Korea MC
5-8. Korea Jjakji
5-8. Korea Puma

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