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DotATalk interviews Rise

Team Rise. (Photo by DotATalk)

DotATalk went inside the Malaysian DotA scene this week and spoke to team Rise, one of the country's many rising amateur teams who are looking to make their break internationally. Playing DotA professionally was never in the books, says Xneverluv.

Despite the Malaysian scene having a long way to go before matching the Chinese or Filipinos, Xneverluv was hopeful and observed that 'many people are getting paid'. When asked later about Orange as a prime example, he agreed that 'they deserved it' and that sponsorships would eventually come as a team wins more and more tournaments.

Possibly the highlight of the interview was the insight that the numbers of DotA tournaments in Malaysia were shrinking and 'many cybercafes were going to run Dota 2 tournaments'. Xneverluv himself admitted that the team would 'soon focus on Dota 2' as there were fewer tournaments running on the original Warcraft 3 client.

Read the entire interview at the following link.

DotATalk - Original Interview

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