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Blizzard calls: Test!

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Blizzard has announced a new multiplayer map with several balance changes. It calls upon its player base to help out by playing the map and giving feedback

Ever wanted to be a tester? Here's your chance. A new map has been released - "Antiga Shipyard (1.4.3 Balance v2.0)". With it, several changes have been made to the game. According to Blizzard, the changes focus on a number of pro-level issues, as games below pro-level are considered globally balanced:

We aren’t currently seeing any problems with non-pro-level matchups, but as always, we’re watching them very carefully on a weekly basis.
We want changes we're making to balance at this time to be small, strategic adjustments that will only affect pro-level play.

Most of the changes effect the Zerg. In order to combat early game all-ins, and helping the Zerg scout better, the overlord get's a slight movement speed buff (upgraded move speed remains unchanged) and Queens will start with 50 energy instead of just 25. This should allow much more efficient scouting and growth of creep tumors - as you are now able to infuse and cast a tumor right when the queen spawns.
With this new change, careful observation will be present, to prevent the Zerg from becoming to strong in the early game:

During public testing, we’ll see whether zerg end up with too many creep tumors early on, or the general upgrade in defensive capabilities make it too difficult for other races to attempt any early pressure.

The second race that get's a slight change is the Protoss. Blizzard states that Protoss at the very top of pro level play, aren't doing too well. The Observer build time will be reduced to 30, from 40.

This will give protoss slightly earlier scouting, as well as less time spent tying up the Robotics Facility while building observers. we feel this small change will result in protoss players utilizing their other units a bit more efficiently.

Along with these changes, a close watch has been placed on TvP to see if Terran's offensive options in the early to mid game becomes to much, or Protoss's late game strength is to powerful.

Source: Battle.net

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