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DreamHoN Qualifiers update

The three qualifiers ran by S2 Games (Oceanic, European, North American) for a chance to compete in the $60,000 DreamHoN tournament at DreamHack Summer 2012 are well underway and Gosugamers.net is here to update you on the progression thus far.

Oceanic DreamHoN Qualifier

32 teams are competing for a chance to visit Jönköping, Sweden this summer and qualifier is in the final stages. Heavy favorites Frenetic Array made quick work of all the teams that stood in their way thus far, and find themselves in the winners finals where they'll play against Team v5 who managed to proceed through the other side of the bracket after they were almost eliminated in the very first round by Fusion Gaming.

The winner of that match-up will be up against either PERFECTSTORM201 or JohannFriends who'll battle it out in the losers finals. Unless a huge upset happens in the last three matches of this qualifier, everyone and their mother expects the only Australian team that ever attended DreamHack to be there again.

The Oceanic qualifier continues on Wednesday, 2nd May at 08:00 PM AEST.

European DreamHoN Qualifier

The European qualifier was quickly filled up with 160 teams waiting in line for an opportunity to qualify for the main event, there was however not enough room for everyone in the 128 team bracket.

The event is currently in the quarter-finals stage with not many upsets thus far, with BX3 Multicasters defeating Lions eSports considered to be the rare one. All the favorites are through, including teams such as Team It's Gosu, Honportal.org and Blackfade - arguably the favorites to go all the way. Isot Pelit, Team deCerto and the already mentioned Lions will try to fight their way back through the losers bracket.

The European qualifier continues on Tuesday, 1st May at 20:00 CET.

North American DreamHoN Qualifier

A little over 80 teams signed-up for the North American qualifier and amongst the many unknown ones one stood out as they provided a huge upset over Vitriolic Gaming in the very round round. It turned out that the players under the FunInTheSun Gaming tag were actually retired HoN professional currently playing Dota2, like Korok, PAINTITGOLD and Tarano.

The qualifier is currently in the quarter-finals stage and Trademark eSports are well under way to secure the spot at DreamHack as they were expected to, but it will be interesting to see if either the players that left HoN and came back because of this event or maybe Clan Milk will be able to ruin their chances.

The North American qualifier continues on Thursday, 3rd May at 08:00 PM EST.

VODs of all the DreamHON regional qualifiers are available at Honcast.com.

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