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Frenetic Array crowned CSN playHEROES #2 champions

FnaticRaidCall suffered their second grand finals defeat in a single day to the Australian/American powerhouse Frenetic Array. The winners made quick work of the triple DreamHack champions in two games and grabbed the $600 prize.

In the first match, Frenetic Array surprised the masses with a trilane support/roaming combination of Fayde and Hammerstorm to compliment the other three picks. On the other side of the battlefield, Fnatic went for a more conventional hero roster featuring the likes of Valkyrie and Pollywog Priest. The game started out fairly even, but by 20 minutes into the game the eventual champions had a significant lead in terms of gold, experience and towers. The Europeans had a couple of good team fights that allowed them to catch up, however a teamfight in the middle lane 35 minutes in gave their opponents a 20-12 hero kill lead after which they sat back, farmed and slowly wore out Fnatic's defenses before making the final push.

For the second match of the series, Fnatic once again went for a standard line-up with the Kraken plus Demented Shaman combination, while the Australians decided to go with a pseudo push strat featuring Forsaken Archer and Keeper of the Forest. Due to a passive early game from the black-and-orange team, they were allowed to pick up their core items and dominate their opponents in the teamfight and push segments of them game and were 15k experience and gold ahead with a 13-3 hero kill lead. At the 25 minute mark, they decided it was time to push into the enemy base via the bottom lane, which they succeed at and were crowned the CSN playHEROES #2 champions.

CSN playHEROES #2 Results:
1. Australia Frenetic Array - $600
2. Europe FnaticRaidCall - $200
3./4. Europe Big Girls Don't Cry / UnitedStates Trademark eSports

VODs of this event are available at Honcast.com.

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