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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

Dead majesties: Code S Ro16 Group D recap


» Match 1: MC vs Maru

A bunker on Maru's ramp tricked MC into thinking there was some kind of tech build incoming but instead Maru expanded like a boss and took control over all Daybreak. With every path and every choke under Maru's reign, MC was shut down into a loss.

The protoss came back on Metropolis after Maru botched a 3-rax attack after foolishly climbing a sentried ramp. He was sliced in half and crippled in seconds and by the time he managed to organize a second attack, MC already had three colossi out. Continuing down the tempo slope, MC went for a 2-base rush on Antiga Shipyard, which unfortunately was delayed severely after Maru spotted the proxy pylon. When the attack finally arrived, Maru had the power of much stuff on his side and crushed MC convincingly.


» Match 2: Oz vs Squirtle

"The power of much stuff" was a closing theme in Oz vs Squirtle on Cloud Kingdom as well. Oz opened by stealing both gases of Squirtle and Squirtle threw down a manner pylon at Oz's mineral line to return the favor. After they were both done fooling around, Oz went 2-base immortal while Squirtle chose a 2-base blink. Now immortals might be real fancy when it comes to fighting stalkers but they quickly lose presence when an uncountable army blinks onto them and clears them before they can fire a second time. Sadly, the game on Antiga Shipyard was just as "close" as Squirtle's blink rush caught Oz with a finished and thus uncancelable second nexus and brought him a free win.


» Winners match: Maru vs Squirtle

Standard, almost boring PvT from Maru and Squirtle. On Antiga Shipyard a solid high templar play in the mid-game took Maru's mind off the necessity of the vikings. Thus, the young terran was punished by a late-game colossus transition to which he had no asnwer. The textbook plays continued on Cloud Kingdom too as Squirtle dragged it to late-game and unleashed all AoE hell onto Maru for the unchallenged 2-0.


» Losers match: Oz vs MC

Oz opened with a win on Antiga Shipyard as a zealot/sentry prism drop of MC went downhill after failing to snipe the main nexus. On Dual Sight, MC was once again in the disadvantage after his 4-gate was denied as both his proxy pylons were sniped but at least his immortal transition did not go to waste: Oz insisted on blinking up the ramp and being put to the slaughter. These 1-base slaps from MC were big part of his play on Metropolis as well as the SK protoss went for a 4-gate plus thermalless colossus - an all-in designed to own Oz's quick nexus. Sadly for MC, Oz also had a robo of his own and masterfully used a high-groun immortal to keep the colossus away from the main fight while dragging the scales to his favour with great forcefields and perfect targeting.


» Final match: Maru vs Oz

Although Oz had a cool double twilight council build on Atlantis Spaceship, he was not given many chances to put it to good use. Maru was constantly in Oz's face with drops wherever there was an enemy base, damaging the protoss tech and pushing him into battles that were not in his favor until eventually he had to gg. This perfect play of Maru would not be displayed on Daybreak, however, and one failed proxy 5-rax later and Oz was back to a tied score. Seeing this as opportunity to show Maru that he is not the only one that can play the multitask game, he came out on Antiga Shipyard with plethora of zealot harassments which essentially made this game look like the one on Atlantis but flipped 180 degrees, leading to a final outcome of 2-1 for Oz.


» Final standings

Code S Ro16 Group B standings
Korea Squirtle4-0
Korea Oz4-4
Korea Maru3-5
Korea MC2-4
Maru 2-1 MC
Squirtle 2-0 Oz
Squirtle 2-0 Maru
Oz 2-1 MC
Oz 2-1 Maru

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