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Mineski, iZONE125 and Pcfc fall out at GMPGL 4.4

It's upsets galore in the Philippines with Mineski, iZONE and Pacific Revitalize failing to make the playoffs at this edition of the Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League. GMPGL 4.4 is already looking set to crown a new underdog as its champion - one new Filipino team may soon rise to the top.

GMPGL 4.4 (Class S)
Group AGroup B
Philippines MSIEvoGT2-02Philippines Badburn2-02
Philippines Dreamz2-12Philippines Sweetopia2-12
Philippines Mineski1-21Philippines iZONE1251-21
Philippines Pcfc.iChill0-20Philippines Pcfc.Revitalize0-20

The playoffs are already underway with Sweetopia taking on Dreamz in a best of one double elimination bracket. Last edition's champions Mineski have already made their exit after being defeated by Dreamz and MSIEvoGT respectively.

Be sure to catch out the streams set up for this event here.

BadBurns are the new champions for GMPGL. They take the title after a convincing win over MSIEvoGT.

Meanwhile, Mineski and iZONE125 for to Class A after a string of disappoint performances and will not play in Class S for GMPGL 4.5.

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