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Dead majesties: Code S Ro16 Group C recap


» Match 1: Parting vs TheSTC

After TheSTC failed to successfully assault the third of Parting on Cloud Kingdom, he was treated to a special meal: storms. Storms everywhere! Every move of TheSTC cost him half of his army's health and several more steps meant a total wipe out. Parting's dominance was not shaken even by his army being caught out of position a couple of times because, you know... storms everywhere!

Antiga Shipyard rolled downhill for Parting really quick. TheSTC managed to kill two colossi and reign supreme for a long while, pressuring the third nexus and dropping on multiple places at once to make us believe that Parting was left for dead. The audience was convinced even further as TheSTC timely scanned Parting's daring fourth base at the bottom center. The terran had a new target and started rallying across the map towards that destination.


With what can be best described as a shrug of indifference in the face of more than certain death, Parting launched a small zealot attack at one of STC's bases, foolishly hoping that the terran would draw everything back and leave him alone to stabilize and get tech, later falling victim to the imba late game PvT of the StarTale player. To his devilish luck , TheSTC indeed delivered that exact mistake and threw away a game that he had already won 10 minutes ago.

» Match 2: MarineKing vs Taeja

Long gone is the time when marines were the only unit that MarineKing knew how to use properly. On Atlantis Spaceship, MKP showcased that he is no stranger to meching and went for a peculiar but highly efficient 2/2 timing attack that shoved the bio of Taeja back. By the 15th minutes mark, MKP had 3/3 for his mech to the 2/2 bio of his opponent and Taeja was, for a lack of better word, overwhelmed.

Being constantly in his opponent's face was always the trademark of MarineKing and Cloud Kingdom was no exception. MKP opened with a tech lab/reactor/siege tank rush that successfully punished Taeja's fast third build, causing the natural to stay afloat in the air for a long time. MKP transitioned into an endless marine/tank aggression and although many trades went horribly for him, the map control he gained by keeping Taeja constantly on the defensive paid back at the end of the game: The Liquid terran GG-ed out after being behind in every possible way.


» Winners match: Parting vs MarineKing

MKP may have one of the best micros in the entire world but even that could not get him out of a 25 SCV deficit on Metropolis following a 4-gate attack by Parting. It was close, though, as non-stop mid-game aggression put Parting to the ropes not one or two times but as his archon numbers began to grow it was lights out for the terran.

A show-off of Parting's PvT genius on Entombed Valley flamed the excitement of the viewers as the protoss used a zealot/probe rush to delay MKP's fast CC. With a base ahead, Parting once again seemed to be in an irreversible lead and that held true all the way until MarineKing circumvented Parting's army and hit the third nexus, forcing the protoss to engage through the bottle neck. With a perfect arc on his side and back-firing forcefields from Parting, MKP managed to tie the series.


Daybreak, same 4-gate pressure like on Metropolis. To his ill luck, MarineKing was caught with his pants down (translating as no SCVs to repair his bunkers and no bio to support them) and Parting bored through for the 2-1 and the Ro8 spot.

» Losers match: TheSTC vs Taeja

Twice did TheSTC try to win the series off of proxying tech. His 1/1/1 on Metropolis met a brick wall of tanks and vikings to set him behind one game and Daybreak saw his proxy banshee rush do significantly less damage than Taeja's regular banshee, probably due to the fact that Taeja did not have to rally a viking across the whole map in order to save his SCVs.

d32a48829d45178152a71ec20af7b73d3713fe94540a71b8a4b7c061db.jpg» Final match: Taeja vs MarineKing

Poor judgement and horrible micro.

This is far from the usual MKP but that he was in this series. On Entombed Valley we saw a trunkfull of marines being donated to an unfavorable engagement and Dual Sight became witness to MKP's bad decision to travel home halfway through the map and not initiate a base race that would not be actually a 100% loss.


» Final standings

Code S Ro16 Group B standings
Korea Parting4-1
Korea Taeja4-2
Korea MarineKing3-4
Korea TheSTC0-4
Parting 2-0 TheSTC
MarineKing 2-0 Taeja
Parting 2-1 MarineKing
Taeja 2-0 TheSTC
Taeja 2-0 MarineKing

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