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Blizzard, GomTV, OGN and KeSPA with announcement on May 2nd


The four companies will gather at the CEOX Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, to reveal plans for the "StarCraft 2 eSports Vision", report Fomos.kr.

A translation of the original article has been posted on ESFI World, saying among other things that Blizzard will be suggesting that Gretech - thus far the exclusive StarCraft 2 broadcaster in Korea - and OnGameNet join together, following the rumors that a StarCraft 2 Proleague will launch in May.

Starcraft 2 eSports vision declaration to be held on May 2.

Key organizations of eSports industry will come together to propose eSports vision through Starcraft 2.

On May 2, Blizzard, KeSPA, Gretech, and OnGameNet will have an unprecedented meeting to hold declaration on Starcraft 2 eSports vision. This declaration, which will be held in the COEX Intercontinental Hotel Harmony Ballroom in Seoul, will have Paul Sams, COO of Blizzard Entertainment, Baek-Young-Jae, CEO of Blizzard Korea, Lee-Young-Hee, President of KeSPA, Bae-In-Sik, CEO of Gretech, and Hwang-Hyung-Jun, Chief Director of OnGameNet, as well as coaches and players of progaming teams.

Blizzard stated the purpose of this declaration saying, “We wish to have everyone to gather, in order to make pledges to advance the culture of globally expanded eSports, which started in Korea with Starcraft.” He added, “We hope that this proclamation of our vision will give significant meaning to the growth of eSports.”

It was rumoured that each organization have had many unofficial meetings before, but this is the first time to officially have event organizer, game publisher, eSports federation, and broadcasting company to come together, creating a rare and extreme interest within the industry.

This meeting is analyzed as Blizzard’s proposition to have Gretech, which held exclusive rights to Starcraft 2, and Proleague broadcaster OnGameNet to join together, after rumours have flown that KeSPA will finally introduce Starcraft 2 to the upcoming Proleague in May.

Source: ESFI World

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