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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

More changes to matchmaking

9f61d81aacf837277e2a15ba806d147461ff78a45f08ed62f0a056e5cf.jpgWith the beginning of Season 7, Blizzard introduced several changes to the matchmaking, featuring a "loosened" system of finding opponents. Although those changes were quickly reverted, Blizzard are not giving up entirely on this concept and are putting it back with some adjustments.

According to the source, although undesirable in some parts, the loosened matchmaking system had a positive impact on players not at the highest and lowest ends of the the ladder. Blizzard are now tuning the extreme-end experience and the mechanics overall so that the highest and lowest placing players are not affected negatively (such as not being able to get out of bronze or constantly facing lower skill opponents while in grand master) while the mid-tier players should enjoy larger pool of opponents.

- "Matchmaking will not be more relaxed at the highest skill levels. In fact, we’ve tuned matchmaking at the very high end to favor more competitive matches over faster matchmaking. While this may have some impact on wait times, we believe that this adjustment will improve the ladder experience for high level players and make practicing on the ladder better than it has ever been."

Source: Battle.net

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