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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

Thorzain advances to DreamHack grand final


One of the most exciting stories of DH Stockholm is almost fully blossomed. After taking down Monster 2-1, home-turf superhero Thorzain is going against Polt for the gold shortly.

Marcus "Thorzain" Eklöf currently 6-1 in the bracket after eliminating Monster, advanced to his second DreamHack final since Valencia and will once again look forward to becoming the first Swedish player to take the tournament. Thorzain had a solid series against Monster but he will have to step it up even more in the series against Polt.

The already have a rich history in international events and the Korean has never lost a series to Thorzain and also being 9-1 in the ten sets they've played. It's revenge time with a pinch of defending the motherland pride for Thorzain while Polt is aiming at a third gold in his career and further propagating the Korean hegemony in 2012.

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