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General12 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

DreamHack Ro32: Puma eliminated


Ro32 Group G sees a grand upset as EG's Puma faces elimination at the hands of fellow Korean Hyun. This leaves DreamHack with one less tournament favorite.

» HyuN ends Puma's hopes

In a three-map series, Puma was put to death as TSL's zerg and former Brood War player Hyun punished him with a simple but very effective style of mass lings, banelings and mutas. Puma took game one after Hyun made the mistake of overextending after taking a huge lead but could not hit the same jackpot in sets two and three. Hyun had zero mistakes in his play and setn Puma packing on Ohana after a tense base race and daring attack at Puma's last planetary.


» Playoffs getting filled up

Hyun is not the only one who has his Ro16 spot secured. Group A and B, although only mid way, see Ret and Thorzain already through. Ret finished first in A with 3-0, leaving Seiplo second with 2-1. Thorzain also enjoys the same score as Ret but the top 2 place is still open. Sjow is meeting day one hero SortOf and should he win he'll be through; otherwise, Group B will be having three 1-2 scores and it'll be up to set score or tiebreakers.

Groups C, D and F also have their top two. Polt and Socke are currently fighting for the leader position in C; D saw LiveZerg overtake Cytoplasm with just one map in advantage; and Monster destroyed F 3-0, leaving Finnish protoss Elfi second.

» Deadly knot in Group H

Two matches fore its end, Group H is at a tense spot, all players being 1-1 and with very close set scores as well. Just check it out in awe and silent admiration:

Ro32 Group H
Korea Genius1-13-2
Poland Nerchio1-13-2
Russia Slivko1-12-2
Sweden Naniwa1-12-4
Nercio 2-0 Slivko
Naniwa 2-1 Genius
Slivko 2-1 Naniwa
Genius 2-0 Nerchio
Nerchio 1-0 Naniwa

With Naniwa down 0-1 to Nerchio at the moment of this post, the Swedish superhero is just one set away from possible elimination. Still with neither player having a decisive 2-0 score, everything in the group balances on razor's edge and is definitely of the DreamHack stories to follow with vigilance.

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