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Orange tear their way to the Grand Finals


Orange are now only steps away from the championship title at this month's GEST. The Philippines may have dominated the brackets this month, but Orange have found their way back in the game. In a one-sided semifinal victory against defending champions MSIEvoGT, Orange set themselves up against iZONE125 in the finals.

It looks like their time in the Philippines have paid off for the Malaysian powerhouse, who fell out early in the group stages of GMPGL 4.3. They bounced back later during the India Gaming Carnival where they placed first ahead of Trust and Roccat.

Tonight, after taking out iZONE125 in the group stages, Mineski and MSIEvoGT in the playoffs, only one more Philippine team stands in their way of the title. Orange will face iZONE125 once more as they play for $1,500 in cash and the title of GEST April champions.

Meanwhile, MSIEvoGT will play their 3rd place decider match against Pacific after the latter got defeated by iZONE125 in the semifinals. The match will go live followed by the grand finals, where it all comes down to two teams, two countries but only one winner.

Will the Philippines finally be dethroned?


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