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GEST April Round 3


The April Edition of GEST has kicked off, with 2 matches from each group being played simultaneously. Here is a round up of the action after round 3. Also, you can read what predictions our crew have made here.

Group A
Malaysia Invasion Red3/03
Philippines Mineski1/11
Thailand Neolution0/20
Vietnam StarsBoba2/02
Thailand ECS.DotA0/20

Group A
Thailand ECS<Vietnam SB
Thailand Neo<Malaysia Inv

Stream onlookers were able to see Malaysian powerhouse continue dominating their group as they outplayed Neolution in virtually all aspects of the game. Kelvin's Ancient Apparition came close to completing a Holy Shit streak in the first twenty minutes as Invasion Red calmly took home their win over Neolution

Meanwhile, StarsBoba look equally strong to emerge from their group. Their matchup against Mineski will definitely be the crucial decider of whether they get to the playoffs tomorrow.

Group B
Myanmar G70/30
Indonesia Deperruku1/11
Philippines iZONE1252/12
Malaysia Orange2/02
Thailand TteSport.HOW1/01

Group B
Myanmar G7<Philippines Izone
Thailand HOW<Malaysia Orange

Despite a shaky start in their first match against Orange, iZONE125 have proven that they are not to be counted out of the tournament by taking their game against G7. Meanwhile, Orange look to be clear victors of Group B with two wins under their belt, and their toughest opponents arguably beaten.

Group C
Indonesia eNcy1/21
Philippines Pcfc2/02
India Err0R0/30
Thailand iDeal2/02
Vietnam Fire1/11

Group C
Indonesia eNcy>India Err0r
Vietnam Fire<Thailand iDeal

Err0R remain a no-show at this weekend's tournament forfeiting their match to eNcy. iDeal on the other hand, take a win over Fire to stand as frontrunners for Group C.

Group D
Thailand Trust2/12
Philippines MSIEvoGT2/02
Indonesia Ritter0/30
Vietnam Skynet2/02
Philippines R-Gaming0/20

Group D

Thailand Trust>Indonesia Ritter
Philippines RG<Vietnam Skynet

MSIEvoGT took a break this round while the other four teams from their group battled it out. Trust bounces back with a win over Ritter while Skynet breaks the Philippine team R-Gaming. Three teams now have two points, and the next match between Skynet and MSIEvoGT will draw line between who stays and who does not return tomorrow.

Replays will be uploaded as soon as we receive them.

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