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GEST April Round 1


The April Edition of GEST has kicked off, with 2 matches from each group being played simultaneously. Here is a round up of the action after round 1. Also, you can read what predictions our crew have made here.

Group A
Malaysia Invasion Red1/01
Philippines Mineski0/10
Thailand Neolution0/10
Vietnam StarsBoba1/01
Thailand ECS.DotA0/00

Group A
Malaysia Inv.Red>Philippines Mski
Thailand Neo<Vietnam SB

The first casted match of the tournament came from this group, with Mineski taking on Invasion Red, the runners up from the March Edition. Red picked up first blood on their bottom lane with Lina ES CK killing Julz Puck, who would not have a good early game, unable to handle the triple stun on his lane and again dying just two minutes later. This would translate into a six minute tier one tower for the Malaysians. The strong ganking line up from Red would be utilized to its maximum, and they built up a strong lead taking both mid and top towers after successful ganks on mid and top lanes. Mineski were losing map control by the minute, and attempted tower trades with all their outer towers down by 20 minutes. It seemed to be all but over when Red took the top tier 3 tower, but an impressive quad-stun by Slardar into a Kunkka ship combo allowed Mineski to defend their raxes and then take Roshan, albeit losing two heroes in the process. Alas, that was not to be enough as after a suicide push taking out the mid rax by Invasion Red, they regrouped, picked off another two Mineski heroes and were able to romp to victory.

Group B
Myanmar G70/10
Indonesia Deperruku1/01
Philippines iZONE1250/10
Malaysia Orange1/01
Thailand TteSport.HOW0/00

Group B
Malaysia Orange>Philippines Izone
Myanmar G7<Indonesia Dep

Group B saw Orange take out highly regarded Filipino team iZone 125 to improve their chances of making it into the next round greatly. The Malaysian teams performances in GEST have been disappointing to say the least but this win over arguably their biggest rivals this group has left them in pole position. Deperruku, who played under the name of Velocy in last months GEST took out Myanmar team G7 to finish off round 1.

Group C
Indonesia eNcy0/10
Philippines Pcfc1/01
India Err0R0/10
Thailand iDeal1/01
Vietnam Fire0/00

Group C
India Error<Thailand iDeal
Indonesia Ency<Philippines Pcfc

Perhaps the least is known about teams in this group, apart from Pcfc. iDeal take out Err0r, with Pacific living up to expectations beating Indonesian team EnCy to do their chances of progressing a world of good.

Group D
Thailand Trust0/10
Philippines MSIEvoGT1/01
Indonesia Ritter0/10
Vietnam Skynet1/01
Philippines R-Gaming0/00

Group D
Indonesia Ritter<Vietnam Skynet
Thailand Trust<Philippines MSI EvoGT

The champions of previous month's GEST, MSI EvoGT started the defence of their title with a solid win over Thai flagship team Trust, putting them in pole position for first place in this group. The groups other match saw SkyNet, another Vietnamese team which has been in and out of the international spotlight beat Ritter.

Replays will be uploaded as soon as we receive them.

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