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Revival three-nils Inori to win GGA Cup qualifier #1


The Korean zerg of Team SCV Life Dong Hyun "Revival" Kim joins the GGA Cup grand final line-up as last night he bore through Ostojiy, Mentalist and Bubbles before crushing fellow Korean protoss Inori in the finals.

Although being one of the GSL regulars, Revival is known more for his contribution in the GSTL, where he holds victories against MC, Nada, TheSTC, Fenix and Lyn.

GGA Cup #1 results
Quarter Finals
Korea Inori2-0Peru Fenix
United States Melancholy2-0Korea Ragnarok
United States Bubbles2-1France Moman
Korea Revival2-1Korea Mentalist
Semi Finals
Korea Inori2-0United States Melancholy
Korea Revival2-0United States Bubbles
Bronze Final
United States Bubbles2-3United States Melancholy
Grand Final
Korea Revival3-0Korea Inori

His victory means that the Grand Final player pool for the Global Gaming Alliance tournament has just gone sicker and at 17 out of all 32, the line-up is as follows:

GGA Cup Grand Final line-up

Sweden mouz.Thorzain
Poland mouz.Mana
Ukraine mTw.Dimaga
Canada mTw.TT1
Korea coL.Ganzi
Korea coL.Heart
United States GoSu.Vibe
United States GoSu.Stx
Finland aL.Naama
Sweden Dignitas.Sjow
Korea Dignitas.Select
Ukraine Tt.WhiteRa
Korea xSix.Sleep
United States xSix.Mystik
Korea Fnatic.Alive
Korea Fnatic.ByuL

Korea TSL_Revival [GGA Cup #1]

You can check out the full bracket for the GGA Cup #1 here.. And if you crave to check out what zerg of a strategy did Revival use to reach the top, stay tuned to GosuGamers as we shall provide you with replays from the event shortly.

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