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Dimaga: I hope I can take revenge on HerO


We took the time to talk to a person we always enjoy chatting with - Dmytro "Dimaga" Filipchuk. One of the GGA grand final invites talks his recent premier tournament performance, makes some predictions about his NASL division and discusses the GGA tournament itself.

GosuGamers: So the last few major tournaments you attended - IEM Hanover and IPL 4 - did not develop to the best for you. I hope this did not shake your drive to the negative...
Dimaga: No, of course not. I try to be patient and wait my time.

GG: At IPL 4, you lost to Golden and Machine. Being known as ruthless ZvZ-er and the first to beat NesTea in mirror, these were some... unexpected results. What happened during those games in Vegas?
Dimaga: Maybe for you it was unexpected but not for me as lately I am not liking ZvZ much as I have pretty crazy losing streak. I lost 2-1 2-1 to Golden and Machine so it was pretty close and I could have won both matches if I didn't make mistakes.

GG: Speaking of premier tournaments, you are one of the 45 contenders at NASL 3 and are placed in Division 2. Are you confident about ending with a playoffs seed at the end of the regular season?
Dimaga: We have crazy line up for NASL 3 so I think every single division is pretty scary for any player :) I will try do my best! And of course I hope to be in the finals of NASL 3.

Photo by: GosuGamers

GG: Next week in the NASL, you are playing Hero - someone very well known for his PvZ. Yet, when we talked in Hanover you said that ZvP is currently your best match-up so I am obliged to ask: How bad are you going to beat him?
Dimaga: Haha, yeah, Hero is very strong opponent. Our last show match did not go well for me and I lost 0-5. I hope this time I can take revenge or at least try do to so.

GG: Just for the fun of it, give us a top three of your division?
Dimaga: Hero, Ryung, CrazyMoving.

GG: One of the most discussed topics on GosuGamers right now are the recently announced changes to Heart of the Swarm multiplayer. I wonder if you saw those, if you approve/disapprove and what change do you like/hate the most.
Dimaga: I don't know about what exactly the changes are, but I know that Blizzard are doing their best and I hope when HotS will comes out everything will be good.

GG: Well, a couple of the changes for the zerg at least are a skill that blinds units in an AoE and also they are adding some more nydus worms, one of which is supposed to spew creep in large area so you can have a creep highway for hydra pushes, for example. How does that sound to you?
Dimaga: Hmm, to me it's sounds weird. We'll see when it comes out and I'll try some new crazy stuff with it for sure!

GG: Looking back to some recent major tournaments--particularly IEM WC, IPL 4, the winter MLGs and GSL Seasons 1 & 2--zergs besides DRG haven’t been performing all too well. Standing in the shoes of someone with extensive knowledge of the race, what do you think are the underlying reasons for this?
Dimaga: Overall, SC2 has a pretty good balance right now I think. I don't know the exact reason of why are they losing lately, maybe a little bit of bad luck.

Photo by: Fragster.de

GG: Let’s talk some GGA Cup! You are one of the sixteen invites for the grand finals in December, and we have a solid line-up of players, from the European elite to some of the best Koreans (alive was also added recently). Who worries you the most?
Dimaga: As always, each one of the top players is so strong that you need to be a lucky guy to win a tournament of such kind. Of course, I am worried about all the Koreans.

GG: 16 more players will come from the open qualifiers. Is there anyone in particular you’d want to make the final cut? Some old rival maybe, hehe?
Dimaga: No, not really. I'm ok with anybody.

GG: Do you intend to take part in any of the qualifiers or you are going straight to the Grand finals?
Dimaga: I'm not sure because there is a lot of time still, so we'll see.

GG: Any thoughts on the SEA and China regionals? How familiar are you with those players? Do you feel like there can be a tournament surprise lurking somewhere there?
Dimaga: I have no idea about that, sorry ^^

GG: Let me torment you no longer with interview questions, hehe! Thank you for your time and feel free to make any shoutouts to sponsors or fans.
Dimaga: Thanks to everybody, to all StarCraft 2 fans, big thanks to my team mTw and our sponsors Sennheiser, XMG, Kaspersky. See you soon!!!

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