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GGA Cup #1 begins tomorrow


The first tournament of the Global Gaming Alliance Cup is at our doorstep. April 19th is the date set for the first qualifier and by the end of the day the worthiest of all contenders will join the grand final invites.

GGA Cup #1

GGA Cup #1 is the first of three qualifiers to be played on the North American server. 512 players will take part in it and the winner shall be welcomed to the group that will compete at the GGA grand finals in December.

Although in its most early stages, the GGA Cup already sees many notable sign-ups, including:

Canada Gosu.dde
United States coL.qxc
Korea TSL_Revival
Korea TSL_Inori
Korea TSL_Ragnarok
Korea MVP.Tails
Korea ST_Rainbow
Ukraine Acer.Bly
Korea oGsVines
Korea GoldenLighT

The tournament will be played out in a Bo1 format until the Ro16, when the series become Best of 3s. The grand final itself will be a Bo5. Expect some rich coverage from our part of the most exciting moments of the tournament!

The competition grows stronger: Alive and ByuL as grand final invites

When the GGA StarCraft 2 Tournament was first announced last week, it featured fourteen of the biggest names from Europe, North America and South Korea, including Dimaga, Ganzi, Heart, WhiteRa, Sleep, Thorzain, Mana and more. To complete the invite pool of sixteen, GGA are bringing two Fnatic members - Alive and Byul.

The GSL veteran Lee Seok "Alive" Han recently established himself as one of the leading terran players in the world, finishing top four in Code S 2012 Season 1 and later winning IPL 4 , beating Polt, MarineKing, NesTea and Squirtle in the process. His team-mate, Ji Won "ByuL" Han, is an ex-BroodWar zerg for Samsung KHAN who joined Fnatic just last month and will be looking forward to make a solid stand in December.

GGA Cup Grand Final Invites

Sweden mouz.Thorzain
Poland mouz.Mana
Ukraine mTw.Dimaga
Canada mTw.TT1
Korea coL.Ganzi
Korea coL.Heart
United States GoSu.Vibe
United States GoSu.Stx
Finland aL.Naama
Sweden Dignitas.Sjow
Korea Dignitas.Select
Ukraine Tt.WhiteRa
Korea xSix.Sleep
United States xSix.Mystik
Korea Fnatic.Alive
Korea Fnatic.ByuL

The four streams that will cover the GGA Cup #1 are the following:

PlayhemTV (English)
Imba TV (English)
Hireling (Russian)
Mori (German)

Stay tuned to GosuGamers for more GGA Cup coverage!

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