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Competing sponsors force compLexity, MVP to part ways

Since eight months, compLexity and MvP has had an exclusive partnership agreement where the American organization would stand for travel expenses and MvP provide a practice environment in Korea. Today, compLexity announced the termination of the current partnership, stating competing sponsors as the sole argument.

2f4fcb58191b7757f55314a7b5a9feadee17cdeadd1704d7d6d3f0bded.jpgThe actual sponsorship clashes were not mentioned in the article at complexitygaming.com, but MVP's recent peripheral sponsor pick-up, Razer, is a direct competitor to compLexity's Qpad.

compLexity and MVP will no longer compete as a joint squad nor attend events under the name coL.MVP, is said in today's announcement. The two parties will, however, continue in affiliation on future initiatives.

MVP will continue to offer housing in Korea for the compLexity players.

- "Despite the fact that we need to curtail the relationship we are grateful for the affiliation and continue to cooperate on many levels," assures compLexity.

Source: complexitygaming.com
Photo: TeamLiquid.net

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