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European and American qualifier for StarsWar incoming


While its Skywalker correspondent only piled up to six editions, the GIGABYTE sponsored longrunner Stars War make a triumphant return.

WarCraft 3 is, since the start of the tournament series, one of the main games of Stars War 7 and gets most recognition in the tournament's homeland China.

Three regional qualifiers (Chinese, Korean, European/American) will be held to determine the qualificants to the grand final. And while China has already entered the group stage phase, and Korea the Round of 16, the qualfier for Europeans and Americans kick off on April 22.

The grand final, in Shanghai, China, is held on June 16-17 and will feature WarCraft 3, League of Legends, StarCraft 2 and DotA. The WarCraft 3 disciple will feature two Chinese players, one from Korea and one from Europe/America.

The qualifier, which will make way on 17:00 CET on Garena, will determine the eight players who will reach the second qualifier phase starting on April 25. There they will clash with eight already invited players to crown the player to represent the world outside Korea and China.

GosuGamers's long-time WarCraft 3 administrator, human dynamo and driving spirit, Passenger, is the host of the qualifiers for the European and American qualifier. For details on how to apply to the qualifier and to be invited and a full qualifier schedule, head over to the StarsWar 7 WC3 EU-US Qualifier thread in the GosuGamers forums or see the box below.

1. Participants
* 8 seeded players by invited + 8 players from 1st Qualifier.

2. Format
1) 1st Qualifier - all match is Bo3. 8 players will be advanced to 2nd Qualifier.
2) 2nd Qualifier - all match is Bo3 except Final, Ro16 Single Elimination. Seeded players play from this stage. Winner will attend Global Final at China.

3. Schedule
1) 1st Qualifier - April 22th, 17:00 CEST @ IGL Tournament Room 2
2) 2nd Qualifier
April 25th - Round 1
April 27th - Round 1
May 2nd - Quarter Final
May 4th - Semi Final
May 9th - *Grand Final, Bo5
*it maybe changed by broadcasting schedule

4. How to Apply
* European and American players can register by E-mail. please send it to [email protected] until April 21th 23:59 CEST.
* All participant must have no restrictions to travel to China.

Application Format.(We accept only what is written in English)
First Name :
Last Name :
ID :
GArena ID : (if this is not correct, automatically disqualified)
Current Team :
Main Race :

5. Game Setting

* Game Version : WarCraft III the Frozen Throne 1.26
-Game Speed: Fast
-Lock Teams: Yes
-Teams Together: Yes
-Full Shared Unit Control: No
-Random Races: No
-Random Heroes: No
-Observers : Full Observers or Referee(only for Broadcasting Matches)
-Visibility: Default

6. Map Pool

Twisted Meadows
Last Refuge 1.3
Ancient Isles
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock
Secret Valley

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