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IPL sensation Scarlett signed by team Eclypsia

Photo by: Thisisgame.com

Canadian zerg player Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn joins the international roster of team Eclypsia. "[Eclypsia] are giving me very good opportunities to help me pursue Starcraft 2 full-time, and even the chance to practice in Korea in the not too distant future," said Scarlett in an interview with her new team.

Scarlett made the IPL 4 headlines as she delivered not one upset in the tournament's open bracket, defeating Terious, Ddoro and Demuslim. Shortly after her performance in Vegas, Scarlett stated that she has been approached by a few teams with offers and as of April 16th she is now a member of French-based Eclypsia. Scarlett will compete alongside prominent players such as Artist, Slog, Desrow and Welmu.

"My next LAN event will be MLG Anaheim near the beginning of June," Scarlett said. "I also want to start streaming as much as I can, as soon as I get a new computer."

Eclypsia SC2 roster

Canada Scarlett
Finland Welmu
Korea Artist
Canada Desrow
United States Slog

Source: Eclypsia.com

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