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IGC Recap by KrocK and GoDZ

KrocK was at event of India Gaming Carnival. He gives some insight on what happened with the Dota tournament at the heavily criticized event in India. Additionally, GoDZ and KrocK analyse the IGC final between MiTH and Orange in their VOD.

Kshitij 'KrocK' Kothari was a volunteer at IGC, trying hard to get and keep the DotA tournament running in an appropriate fashion. In a Q&A session with GosuGamers's caster David 'GoDZ' Parker, he talks about how IGC's DotA tournament went.

KrocK generally doesn't hesitate to express what went wrong. "In the start, there simply wasn't an event," explains the streamer and one of the administrators. "The tournament organizers had no clue what to do," especially after things went wrong. The first day was a mess, since the organizers had suppliers whose increased prices they were unable to pay. The volunteers however still wanted to get the tournament running: "We scrambled around to get things into action, because we knew, Orange and MiTH were coming."

No PC gaming without electricity

The problems still continued: "Electricity was a huge issue." Even with the basic responsibilities, the organizers failed. Krock thinks: "Their excuses were just absurd." After the first day, some tournaments for other games were relocated into a private location where better conditions for them were available. The Dota tournament, however, remained at the planned venue. "On the first day, only MiTH was on the scene," KrocK explains, "in that way, Orange was really smart."

Seeing the positive things within the disastrous organisation is important for KrocK: "People who came to play, got to play, and they got home safe." In total, 16 teams, including MiTH and Orange participated in the tournament. Orange's Managing Director Frank Ng even tutored the local admins in proper work. When allowed to stand in as administrators of the tournament, Orange explains on their Facebook page what they did: "The first thing we did was putting up a poster size Day 1 DotA tournament bracket and stick in up on the wall!"

Blizzard DOTA was used in trailers

The tournament was carried out, also due to the effort put into volunteers like KrocK and stand-ins like Frank from Orange, but "the image of India in eSports has been damaged, I can't deny that." He adds: "The organizers were just so dumb." Maybe the most ridiculous information for true Dota fans: "Every trailer of the event had Blizzard DOTA content in it." The tournament organizers apparently had no clue which games it really was about.

In a different interview, MiTH's manger Sarindhorn 'JinNy' Wanothayarnchai expressed her disappointment about IGC: "We came from Thailand, we bought tickets and everything. We went to so many countries, but this is the very first time we feel very bad and very disappointed with a competition." Orange, in contrast, return home with different feelings: "Will Orange Esports return to India in the future? Yes, of course! We still keep our faiths in Esports around the world, including India."

Watch the whole IGC recap of GoDZ and KrocK as well as them commentating the IGC final between Orange and MiTH on play.GosuGamers.net.

Standings IGC
1.Malaysia Orange.DotA14.000$
2.Thailand MiTH.Trust7.000$
3.India Err0r5.000$
4.India DMC2.000$
5.India Apple1.500$

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